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Jerry O'Brien – Orange County, CA

Wealth Counsel

Wealth Counsel® is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) created by some of the top estate planning attorneys in the United States, to provide education, practice strategies and tactics, and large network of independent attorneys who share information, and cutting edge techniques for use in protecting clients, so that they may control their property while they are well, protect themselves and their love ones if they become disabled, and give their property to whom they want, when they want, and how they want, after they have passed on.
Large law firms work on a basis of mentoring, sharing strategies and techniques, and giving the attorney a group of colleagues with whom he or she may confer. In order to accomplish this they form partnerships, which are fed through a process of bringing young attorneys in as associates, and placing them on a partnership track. This is good for the attorneys who have a proven system for professional growth, but it is expensive at every level. As a result large firms often treat their estate department as the poor cousin or a courtesy for corporate clients.
Wealth Counsel® members are individual practitioners, who mentor each other, share strategies and techniques, and have a group of colleagues with whom to consult on a daily basis. Due to the fact that each member is completely independent, they can quickly make decisions that are based on providing the best service to the client, with a lower overhead, and an exclusive focus on Estate Planning. It is fair to say that there is
no law firm in the United States, with an estate department like that of Wealth Counsel® members.
*Wealth Counsel® provides services to Gerard W. O’Brien on an educational contract basis. Wealth Counsel® is not responsible for any action, inaction, advice, document or other service provided by Gerard W. O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien assumes the responsibility for evaluating every aspect of his estate planning advice and all documents that he prepares for you, which he willingly does.