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Jerry O'Brien – Orange County, CA

Implementation Phase

Implementation of the estate plan relies entirely on strong management skills. Execution of a well-designed estate plan is more difficult than it initially seems for various reasons, including: changes in laws, jurisdictional issues, business and/or family relationships, etc. Our goal is to complete the work within a defined time-frame and have a satisfied client that promotes our services to their business associates, friends and relatives. We accomplish that goal by providing leadership, teamwork and a strategy-specific, checklist driven process.
In order to implement legal documents that best represent our client’s needs, we need to:

  • Develop the legal documents
  • File these documents to the proper institution
  • Be aware of any changes in legislation
  • Provide proper feedback to the client as the estate plan is implemented

Estate Planning Legal Document Process:

  • Design – Goals and objectives are converted into a plan of action.
  • Development – The plan of action is moved forward by determining the answers to questions and obtaining the necessary materials.
  • Implementation – Legal documents are produced and filed properly.
  • Evaluation – Obtain feedback from client and other sources.
  • Analysis – Problems and issues are clarified. Goals and objectives are established.