Thoughtful estate planning for everything you own and everyone you love.

Jerry O'Brien – Orange County, CA

How We Work – Estate Planning

Mr. O’Brien realizes that clients are only raving fans if their estate plan lets them sleep at night. For most people, this means having confidence that all of the legal aspects of managing and transferring their wealth will be handled with care if they are unable to act on important Family , business or financial matters for any possible reason.


One of the most important aspects of estate planning is funding the plan so that property sought to be protected under a trust, whether revocable or irrevocable, is subject to the terms of the trust. This area, as important as it is often is left for the client to handle. The client very often doesn’t handle the funding and successor trustees are left scrambling at times when calm focus and deliberate action would be best.
Clients that use Gerard W. O’Brien’s Client Care Maintenance Program can update their plan in an economical way and do not have to worry about being nickeled and dimed when changes are warranted because of the passage of new laws, or a client’s health, finances or family relationships change. Gerard W. O’Brien & Associates is interested in creating a relationship with our clients rather then a “business transaction.” Each of our team members understands fully that the needs of your loved ones are resting on our performance.
I meet all clients in my office for our initial getting to know each other visit. We will introduce you to the office , our processes and systems. We will discuss your goals for you, your family, and your estate.
The second visit to our estate planning office will be to formalize our relationship and begin the process of estate planning. At this meeting we will consider various designs for your estate plan, raise and answer, if possible, questions you may have about the ongoing process of planning and managing a growing estate.
We will have as many meetings as are necessary to reach the level of understanding and confidence you deserve. We can conduct meetings via the internet and telephone. Technology provides us with exactly the same opportunities to discuss concerns, go over documents to make certain that your instructions are precise, clear, and exactly what you want.