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Elder Law: Protecting our Most Precious Assets

Without our ancestors, our forefathers and mothers, we would not have the opportunity to do any planning, or even living. We are the fruit of our family tree. Our parents, grand prants aunts and uncles are our source and we their legacy. It is my belief that making certain our senior generation is protected, respected and well cared for, is the only way we can ensure survival of our society. I also believe that honoring our forebears during their lives is of greater value to the survivors than waiting until their eyes cannot see and their ears cannot hear our thanks.
If you agree with any of the statements above you realize that protecting the quality and dignity of Elders must be one of our top priorities if we will be successful in our planning for the future. At Gerard W. O’Brien and Associates, we are prepared and eager to help you with your personal Elder Law Plannning as well as aiding the younger generation in the protection of their parents, aunts and uncles and neighbors. Elder protection is of no less value than protecting our children, our civilization depends on it.

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