Thoughtful estate planning for everything you own and everyone you love.

Jerry O'Brien – Orange County, CA

Design Phase

Each personal and professional situation is unique. Because of this, it is best to make sure that your estate plan and other legal documents are prepared with you in mind. A custom estate plan, business plan, retirement plan or tax plan requires the understanding of an individual’s situation.
In order to develop legal documents that best represent our client’s needs, we need to:

  • Determine the client’s objectives
  • Understand the client’s current family and/or business situation
  • Educate the client as to the legal options available to achieve his/her objectives
  • Design the process that will be followed which:
    • Achieves the objectives through experience, creative thinking and innovative solutions
    • Avoids creating legal, family and professional issues
    • Creates the most effective and efficient solution



Estate Planning Legal Document Process:

  • Design – Goals and objectives are converted into a plan of action.
  • Development – The plan of action is moved forward by determining the answers to questions and obtaining the necessary materials.
  • Implementation – Legal documents are produced and filed properly.
  • Evaluation – Obtain feedback from client and other sources.
  • Analysis – Problems and issues are clarified. Goals and objectives are established.